What is a medium? – translation from german – Wolfgang Hagen part six

For Schopenhauer, “the intellect is the medium of motives, because it increases our susceptibility to it best.” And in Rilke’s eulogy to Worpswede it is stated: “It is not the last, and perhaps the most characteristic value of art, that it is the medium in which man and landscape, figure, and the world find and meet. ”

Long before the technical media of the 20th century where dawning, the media as a concept had already its message. It is overloaded with all the impacts of the Christian Western ontology. Wittgenstein, Hussler and Heidegger percieved the crisis of ontology early in the first real media century, the twentieth, and undertook a deconstruction of its western, christian tradition.

The media is a big conception used to enforce a christian oriental metaphysic. Analytically, therefore caution should be exercised, or better distance, or, as Aristotle says: metaxy. The distance, which Aristotle situated in the perceptual function, is certainly not a medium, but inconceivable without a cultural technology for it to exist. That such distance is so unthinkable, unnamable and so insignificant determined, that it needs a cultural technology as analogy to be even concieved.

Aristotle asks how suffering, that causes perception, comes into thinking? How does Perception enter thinking? How do they interact?

ἤ τὸ µὲν πάσχειν κατὰ κοινόν τι διήρήται πρότερον, ὃτι δυνάµει πώς εστι τα
νοητὰ ὁ νοῦς, αλλ’ έντελεχεία ουδέν, πριν ἄν νοῆ. δεῖ δ’ οὓτως ὣσπερ εv
γραµµατείω ὧ µηθὲν υπάρχει εντελεχεία γεγραµµενον’ ὃπερ συµβαίνει επὶ τοῦ νοῦ.

Or that in the past, suffering because of something common, was the reason, the intelligible in possibility – but not in realty unless it was detected. Reason must be like a blackboard on which nothing has been written. The metaxy, or the unnamed space in perception, is also the spacing of the letters, its exterior, which will remain invisible visible as long as nothing is written.

[Oder hinsichtlich des Erleidens aufgrund von etwas Gemeinsamem ist früher unterschieden worden, daß die Vernunft das Intelligible gewissermaßen in Möglichkeit ist, aber nicht in Wirklichkeit, bevor sie es erfaßt. Es muß sich so verhalten wie bei einer Schreibtafel, auf der noch nichts in Wirklichkeit geschrieben steht, was bei der Vernunft zutrifft. Das Metaxy, oder das Dazwischen in jeder Wahrnehmung, ist eben auch der Abstand der Buchstaben, ihre Aussenseite, die solange unsichtbar sichtbar bleibt, wie nichts geschrieben steht.]


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